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January 2010
Report from "Wanderin", January 2010

The Fantasy Springs Casino is easy to find if you're traveling east of Palm Springs. Just take the Golf Center Parkway exit and follow the road north and then wrap around to the right with the road. The parking lot for RV's is on your left as you enter the casino area. It is a large gravel parking lot across from the casino. We were amazed at how many RV's were actually staying in this lot. However, since the lot is so big it still isn't packed. The sign indicates no overnight parking but security really doesn't care how long you stay ... within reason I'm sure.

The casino offers a newcomer's incentive by giving you $50 worth of play for $20 when you sign up for their Player's Card. This is a big enticement.

The lunch buffet is $12.99 but it is fabulous and I do mean fabulous. The food is elegantly displayed and the desert bar is overflowing with luscious calories.
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November 21, 2009
Report from Kent and Margaret, November 21, 2009

We camped here for two nights. The parking area is a gravel area across the street from the casino. This is just a parking area which has signs "No Overnight Camping" but when you call security at the number listed they say to camp as long as you wish. They do want you to come to the casino and try your luck. There are fine restaurants there.

The experience here is totally free dry camping with others camped nearby. There is no dumpster for trash so just take it to your next stop. Since the parking is close to the Interstate, it can be noisy. We would stay here again. We camped here in a Motorhome.
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January 26, 2008
Report from Larry S., January 26, 2008

I called Fantasy Springs. The person I talked to said they have a stay and play policy. He also said if you call ahead and the Casino doesn't have a large function going on you can stay in a paved parking area to the West, across the street. At any rate they want you to check in with security.
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April 2006
from reader C. Randle, April 2006

We stayed there one night in November. The "No Parking" signs are very confusing. I parked in front of one while I walked around the parking lot trying to figure out where I could settle down for the night. I ended up just parking behind another rig that had been there for a couple of nights. We were not bothered. I never did figure out the "No Parking" scheme but I came to the conclusion that they are attempting to keep unmarked driveways clear.
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This review contributed by: Ron and Tina Lorenz
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Rather nice as casinos go...with a half way decent buffet too. Apart from the usual gambling den flooded with noise and neon, the hotel and restaurant part of the casino is surprisingly upscale.

We could care less about gambling, but if that's important to you, plenty of opportunities abound.

Lots of "water features" all around the grounds, with some very nice landscaping, complete with flitting hummingbirds in the hibiscus garden, and grapefruit laden trees.

We were happy with the restful areas to sit outside scattered with chunky mission style upholstered furniture, and a big dirt parking lot out back for your RV.

Signs are posted that say no overnight parking or camping, but one guy said he'd been there for 18-days without a problem. There was an average of 8-10 rigs there each night, plus a few truck drivers. We stayed two nights and nobody batted an eye.

They seem to have a surprisingly good lineup of entertainment in their Special Events Center. Bonnie Raitt coming in February, as well as Alison Krause. The Event Center is adjacent to the RV parking lot, which is actually their special event parking.

So I suspect you might get chased out if you try to stay there on one of their big entertainment weekends.
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15 results - showing 11 - 15
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