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White Cloud Casino

July 2007

Report from Dave R., July 2007

White Cloud Casino in White Cloud Kansas. They have six full hook up spots. This is a small Indian Casino and I have never seen more than two RVs at once parked there. We have spent three separate nights there and felt perfectly safe. We were never bothered by any noise or people. There is no charge and they prefer you stay no longer than three consecutive nights. All you have to do it park your rig and after setting up go to the reception desk and let them know you are there. They will have you fill out a line in their log book and that is all there is to it.

They seem to have done something about the smoke because our last two times there, the smoke was not as bad. My wife and I are both non-smokers and can sometimes get head aches from to much smoke.

As with any smaller casino sometimes the nickel machines will be full and you have to wait for a seat. We have never won big, but again we don’t gamble big either. All of the staff are very friendly.

You can order various sandwiches or eat from the buffet. What can I say about the quality? Hmmmm It is not bad. The restrooms are always clean and the entire casino is kept in good condition. I know on Saturday nights they play bingo in a very large bingo room and it does get smoky. We go through it go get back to our rig. We don’t play bingo but a lot of people do. I don’t know if they have bingo on other nights or not.

The last thing I can say is there is not much of anything around there except for the casino. It is not real close to a major highway.

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