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California 17213
November 30, 2009
Report from Laura & Sasha, November 30, 2009

Lots of signs, plus there was a guy in a golf cart that came over to escort us to the area for RVs. Lots of signs to get to the casino.

Is FREE overnight RV parking allowed? Yes, no problem staying overnight, it is strongly encouraged. Two carts came by to bring us to the front, but we decided to walk instead.

Conditions: The parking lot is level, dirt parking, which would be muddy if it rained, but large spots available. Like stated before, people came by in carts, but it was a nice walk to the front of the casino.

Facilities provided: No Hookups There is no dump station, nor fresh water, and no trash containers visible in the lot.

I would definitely go back, the area was quite and surrounded by the orchards, a little off the beaten path, but they try very hard for your business.


Food; We went to the buffet, it was pretty good, for a Thursday, especially since it was Thanksgiving. They had the prime rib and turkey. Good dessert bar, and fried shrimp. Large buffet and good choices, and not as expensive as we would have thought. $9.50 per person.

Gambling; We signed up for the player’s club, $10 each free play, (Found out after going to buffet that there was a 2 for 1 on the buffet – oh well!) Interestingly, it was not as smoky as you would think for a casino. Although we did not see a non-smoking area, it was amazingly not smoky. Their ventilation system was really good. My husband and I are very sensitive to it, and we hardly smelled the smoke. They had lots of penny slots, plus other slots. I did not see any card tables though we don’t play them. I actually won at the penny slots, enough to pay a couple of nights of dinners. It was not too crowded, probably because it was Thanksgiving.

Entertainment; There was a band playing, my husband watched it for a while, I could hear it from where I was playing. It was pretty good. While there might have been entertainment at other times, there was nothing big there that weekend.

Is there anything for kids to do?: There were kids there in the restaurants but not on the casino floor. I do not know if there was anything for kids.
No arcade, movies, bowling: I do not believe there was anything like that available.

This was the first casino we had ever stayed at, usually boondocking at a Walmart. We were pleasantly surprised by how nice they were, happy that we had come to their casino. We were impressed by the people in the golf carts that wanted to drive us to the front, as well as drive us back to our camper. Security was pretty good, but there was not the real worry of a problem.
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